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  National :15 TV Spot – Hershey’s

Featured Spot

 National :15 TV Spot – Hershey’s

About Me

About Me

Millennial Voice Over

Voice over is like that perfect seasoning that ties the whole dish together. I believe in its power to make an impact and I dig laying it down.

I do millennial voice over. So I bring the hip, young, conversional feel to my reads. I can give it the chill/non-announcer treatment, the upbeat/excited treatment, or anything in between.

You: I have this thing.
Me: This thing is dope.
Everybody: That thing is dope.

Look forward to the opportunity to work together down the line.

  • Hardware

    • Blue Baby Bottle Mic 
      • AKG Perception 220 Mic 
      • Focusrite ISA One Analog PreAmp 
      • Presonus Audiobox Interface 
      • MacBook Pro; 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7, 4GB Memory 
    •  Software

    Hear my raw studio sound.


    San Francisco

    Nate Tico
    [email protected]

    New York

     Allan Duncan
    [email protected]

    [email protected]Millennial VO