Blue Baby Bottle, Baby

t was time to fatify and robusticate. To infuse that extra heft to my vocal fidelity. It’s common for people to be shocked or embarrassed when they hear their voice played back to them. They cringe and say, “that’s what I sound like?” I had the same reaction when I heard my voice through this new mic: “That’s what I sound like?!?!” Except for me, with the Blue Baby Bottle, it wasn’t in horror, it was in satisfaction. Sometimes the word ‘Microphone’ makes me think of the French word for Microwave: ‘Micro-ondes.’ Just Me? Whenever I upgrade equipment, I’m reminded of how awesome it is to upgrade equipment. When I was drumming in a band (I played with these guys), I remember distinctly how each individual upgrade contributed to a more enjoyable style of play. When I got a new kick pedal, I could play better with my feet and it opened up a new way of playing. Ditto getting a new hi hat stand. A new ride cymbal changed the way I played. Same with new hi hat cymbals and drum heads. Every piece of new equipment was like a new injection of life into the quality of my sound …

Alex HerslerBlue Baby Bottle, Baby