Beats Music IVR

am excited to announce that I voice the IVR system for the new Beats Music App. The app officially launches on January 21st, and is getting a lot of good press¬†right now. It’s a new music streaming service aiming to compete with the likes of Spotify and Rhapsody, but with playlists curated by folks in the music business. Helmed by Dr. Dre, Jimmy lovine and Trent Reznor (I’m a big Trent Reznor fan), I’ve got a good feeling about it. And they’ve got me on the back end of their IVR system, so if you ever call their 800-number, that’s me. I had a blast at the recording session with Mikael Johnston, a billboard top ten charting producer, having worked on tracks from The Crystal Method, Lily Allen and Enrique Iglesias. You can check out the IVR by calling the Beats Support Center at 1-800-442-4000. When prompted by the first dude, press “2”

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